About the Gym

Yeti Cave CrossFit About our Fort Collins CO Gym

Hello!  My name is Nate Seitz, let me introduce you to my gym, Yeti Cave CrossFit, and show you how it’s the perfect CrossFit gym for you!

Yeti Cave CrossFit is Fort Collins’ newest and most exciting CrossFit fitness facility. My mission is to build member’s fitness for an active, able lifestyle outside the gym.

A fun, positive, supportive community is my top priority.  It’s when you’re having fun with like-minded people that you make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes that have profound effects on the way you look, feel, and perform. So while our workouts and programs are challenging, we ensure that coming to Yeti Cave CrossFit is always a fun experience and never a chore.

Each member will have an individually tailored experience.  Homo-sapiens, aka you and I, have the same requirements for movement to live a full and adventurous lifestyle.  Our needs for movement do not vary by type, but by degree.  So although you are doing the same workout as everyone in class, your workout will be custom tailored to your age, experience and ability level, in order to push you appropriately to make progress towards your fitness goals and maintain safety throughout the workout.

Yeti Cave CrossFit is a professional, safe, and clean environment to workout in.  As a prior service Ranger-qualified army officer, I like to keep things respectful, humorous, neat and tidy.  I will carry these character traits into Yeti Cave CrossFit in the form of professional and fun class instruction.  You will also appreciate new equipment from Rogue, who sets the industry standard for professional and safe equipment.  In a hurry to workout then get back to your life without sweat everywhere?  Good news, we have three large bathrooms and a shower for you to change and clean up in!

Amenities and Cool Things About the Gym

  • 3,150 sq/ft with 15 person class capacity
  • One shower
  • 3 large restrooms, plenty of space to change if you want
  • All brand new equipment from ROGUE FITNESS, they are the industry leader in functional fitness equipment
  • Lounge area, come hang out before or after the class.  Feel free to leave well behaved children in this area (no supervision provided) while you workout
  • Across the street from King Soopers, Starbucks, Serious Texas BBQ, allowing you to run errands conveniently before or after class.

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