Testimonial: Jon DeGreeff, US Army Captain

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast I fancy myself in shape and knowledgeable in the ways of the weight room. How wrong I was. My introduction to CrossFit was through the smiling eyes of Coach Nate Seitz. He invited me to his home gym (the original Yeti Cave) to practice the basics and to build the coach/student dynamic. Once I had proven that I wouldn’t hurt myself or other in the gym, Nate and I would lift regularly together in the mornings, over lunch, or after work. Even on the weekends.

He refined my technique with a kind and informative approach, encouraging me to always be better, and to leave my ego at the door and focus on technique, repetition, and then weight. I have competed twice now in the CrossFit Opens, and continue to share the love of the CrossFit community to the students I teach in ROTC.

Nate is an excellent coach and I am excited for those who will benefit from his mentorship.

Testimonial: Brandon Peer, US Army Captain

I have known Nathan Seitz for eight years and during that time he has been a constant pillar of motivation both as a person and a trainer. Nate first introduced me to CrossFit in 2010 with a trial by fire workout that instantly challenged me both physically and mentally. Taking his time and training me in multiple aspects of the sport I realized I was instantly hooked. Nate was able to effectively explain the mechanics and specifics of each move in a simple breakdown for a non-lifter’s understanding. I have now been part of the CrossFit community for four years with this year being my first time competing in the CrossFit Games and I continue to ask him for training and movement advice. I am lucky to have both trained and worked with Nate and continue to respect him as a mentor.