April’s Member of the Month

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CrossFit Fort Collins

April’s Member of the Month

Congratulations to Corey Seitz for being the Yeti Cave CrossFit “Member of the Month” for April!

Corey and his wife Mel, have been of paramount importance to the founding of Yeti Cave CrossFit. When I got out the Army in June 2016, I thought I had a plan to start my gym here in Colorado. However… that plan was shot to pieces almost immediately! I ended up re-grouping in Fort Collins, and Corey and Mel did everything possible to help me get the gym off the ground. I always say without them I would still be laying the rubber floors down trying to get set up, and in reality I would probably not even have that started yet!

Whether it’s helping me out with the gym, or helping someone else, Corey is always the first to offer a hand to someone in need. I like to call him the unofficial “Mayor of Fort Collins,” because it seems he knows, or has worked with everyone in this city! Corey is a wealth of knowledge and whether you want to know about motorcross, buying a home, how to start a business, or who to talk to about potential jobs/careers, he is always making himself available to point people in the right direction.

Not only did Corey literally spend countless hours of his personal time to help build the gym, but he also dove into training here at the gym himself. No matter what time he attends class he’s pumped up and motivated, bringing up the energy of everyone in the class around him too.

Since training here at the gym he has notice significantly less back pain and shoulder pain, ailments that usually effect his Motorcross and mountain biking. He recently told me that he rode an over 30min long “moto” (aka 30min AMRAP of laps on a dirtbike) for the first time in 20 years! Not only that, but he beat a long time friend mountain biking for the first time in a long time, much to the friends dismay! When asked how that was possible, Corey told him the only thing that he’s doing differently is that he’s training at the Yeti Cave!

Corey works hard and plays hard. Absolutely one of the all-time most fun people to be around. He’s one of my top role modals, showing how it’s possible to work your butt off, but also enjoy everything that life has to offer, especially in this beautiful state we live in. Corey epitiomizes the Yeti Cave mottos “Win the Week,” and “Move More, Live More.” Tell him congrats on being April’s Member of the Month and try to keep up with him in the next workout!!!