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cross fit in fort collins


After Erica Reid joined the gym, I found out that she was a writer, I asked her if she would be interested in chronicling her experience with CrossFit at Yeti Cave CrossFit during her first 30 days.  She graciously agreed to take some notes down for me and they were fantastic at capturing the beginners journey in CrossFit, so cool!
Send this to a friend who is on the fence about trying CrossFit, Erica does a great job taking the reader through the experience 🙂
Written by Erica Reid
cross fit in fort collins
Day 1: I climbed a rope today. How in the world did I climb a rope today?! I definitely could not climb a rope when I walked into class. In the middle of class, I still could not climb a rope. Sometime just before the end of class, after drills and explanations and trial and error and error and error… I sort of, kind of climbed a rope?!
Day 3: I am amazed at the way that every single movement has so many modifications. I came into Yeti Cave thinking that I simply wouldn’t be able to do many things, but that hasn’t proven to be true. For example, I have never — in my life — done a push-up, but there are many drills and mods to help me build the strength I need. It can be slightly embarrassing to use two green bands to help me with the push-ups, but no one has been anything but encouraging. We all start somewhere.
cross fit in fort collins
Day 4: Today I was so sore I couldn’t lift myself out of the bathtub.
Day 7: My gym bestie Linda and I volunteered to help with check-ins for Yeti Cave’s Winter Warrior competition. I found it inspiring to see people of all body types and abilities giving it all they had. The celebratory energy in the room gave me goosebumps, even though I don’t have a competitive bone in my body. Next time I’m bringing pompoms.

Day 10: I’ve moved from two green bands to just ONE green band to do my push-ups! That’s like… 50% fewer bands!

Day 13: This weekend some friends and I went to an escape room. One of the challenges called for heavy weights to be moved on and off a scale. I shouted I GOT THIS and lugged 40 lb milk crates… over and over… while my friends shouted MORE or LESS from another room. It’s probably not entirely what Nate means when he talks about bringing fitness into your everyday life, but I’m counting it. (We crushed that diamond heist, by the way.)
cross fit in fort collins
Day 17: Sometimes the strong and powerful thing to do… is to take a rest day. My body reminded me of this today, in no uncertain terms. #dizzyAF
Day 18: I drove to Max Muscle for a weigh-in. I do this for two reasons: first, Max Muscle has a really great scale that prints out a ream of specific data about fat vs muscle vs water, etc. Second, driving to Max Muscle means I don’t have to keep a scale at home — I don’t want to be obsessed with the almighty number of my weight, so I use weigh-ins as checkpoints. At today’s weigh-in I learned that I’ve gained 2 pounds of muscle in the past few weeks, which feels like a lot to me.
Day 19: I am starting to really love weightlifting. If you had told me two months ago that I would say that, I never would have believed you, but it’s true — weightlifting makes me feel incredibly strong and capable. It doesn’t hurt that I’m starting to notice definition in my muscles, especially my back and shoulders.
cross fit in fort collins
Day 22: Today I learned what Turkish Getups are.
Day 23: Today I learned what the day after Turkish Getups feels like.
Day 26: I originally came to Yeti Cave for the exercise, but I am noticing it has become even more important to me as a social club. Today our workout started with a sort of tic-tac-toe game — it was competitive and challenging but it involved just as much laughing and, for some reason, dancing to the hits of the early 90s. This really surprised me about CrossFit — at least at Yeti Cave, the gym always has an incredibly friendly and encouraging vibe. The fun we have together makes the WODs feel much less intimidating.
Day 27: Last night when I was on the couch, my husband felt my leg muscle and said “Jesus.” #winning
Day 29: Somehow in 30 days I’ve gone from not knowing what an AMRAP is to registering for the CrossFit Open. Coach Nate has created a monster.
Day 30: I am so close to getting my push-up that I can taste it. Coach Nate says it will come quickly. Maybe another 30 days will do it…