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Thoughts on Supplements – They are only SUPPLEMENTS not Answers!

I had an Army buddy from Bragg, who is starting his own gym as well ask me for my thoughts on selling supplements as a source of revenue, I figured I would share my thought’s with you all on this subject!


Yea, I’m hesitant to push supplements because most people I think, would be better off without them for awhile until they start getting their regular eating habits right and establish a baseline proficiency in CrossFit.

Rather than telling people there are the “magic pills/powders” I have them focus on learning CrossFit first with a basic understanding of nutrition and generally what is good and bad for the human body. If we are eating right, supplements are generally unnecessary. Sure some things can help, but to truly gain the benefits from them, our regular eating habits should be ON POINT!

Most of it is common sense…less junk food (pastries, candy..), instead of 3 beers average a night (21-24 a week!) try averaging one a night, or, whatever your intake of boose, can you eliminate 1/3? 2/3? and still enjoy your life and social gatherings?…eating more vegetables than bread and grain products (admittedly I know this is tough! I still eat bread, but not nearly as much or as often as I did pre-CrossFit) all are better starting points to work on rather than ADDING more intake through supplements.

My focus at my gym is for the members to improve their lives outside the gym! If they soley workout so they feel better about eating wings and drinking beer while watching weekend football…GREAT. If they are consistent in the gym and make reasonably healthy choices outside the gym throughout the week, they will see improvement towards their goals. How fast they want to achieve their goals will determine how strict they have to be about the food they choose to eat.. Not as a diet, but as a way of life.

As far as using the supplements as an additional source of income, I will probably get into that at some point in the future but will be sure to screen and hand-select only the ones that i believe in. We need to read the labels on the supplement containers, so often all we read is the promotional jargon and flashy letters, when in reality the product is full of sugar and fillers, just labeled/disguised with different names…

For now, as I try to make this a profitable business, (breaking even is step one!) I’m focusing on providing the best experience possible to the members at the gym. The focus is on FUN, and explaining the WHY for each workout. I totally understand that some of the things we do in CrossFit look silly to people new to CrossFit, even to the veterans, but I believe if the members enjoy class and each other, then their consistent attendance will lead to progress, and make it easier to make the right choices more often outside the gym nutritionally. All the while not being soooo strict that they can’t enjoy themselves on occasion or enjoy social gatherings.

In summary, I am prioritizing the quality of the service offered at the gym, over anything else in attempt to make the gym financially successful/sustainable so I can continue to do this and help people lead happy, healthy, fulfilling lives outside the gym