Experienced “CrossFitter”

Yeti Cave CrossFit crossfit fort collins colorado experienced crossfitter

Whether you are experienced with CrossFit and want to continue to use it as a way to enhance daily living, or you want to accelerate your skills for sports or competing in CrossFit, Yeti Cave CrossFit is the place for you!

I have been an active “CrossFitter” since 2010.  I got my CF-L1 in 2011 and have been coaching throughout my time in collage and in the army.  Since, I’ve also gained my CF-L2 and CrossFit Kids Certificates. I’ve completed 6 marathons, qualified for the American Open in Weightlifting and been as high as the top 1.5% in the CrossFit Open.

After trying multiple competitive CrossFit programs such as “Comp Train,” “Misfits,” various olympic lifting programs, I have found that following the “CrossFit main-site” programming is most effective to increase my fitness, and the fitness of my members.  In a year of following the main-site now, my oly-lifts, power-lifts and every single benchmark CrossFit workout has improved dramatically faster than when I was following anything else.

Doing the main-site programming at Yeti Cave CrossFit you can expect at least 8 weightlifting-focused sessions a month and to be better prepared for the CrossFit Open and more importantly, better prepared for life.