February Member of the Month

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February Member of the Month

Congratulations to Pat Schouweiler for being the Yeti Cave CrossFit “Member of the Month” for February!

Pat was one of the very first members at the gym and has been a blast to have as a part of the community. From the time it was just Pat by himself in class, to now when we are running larger classes, Pat has been extremely coachable and a friend to me and each member that gradually joined him for class! He makes a point to meet each new person that walks through the doors.

Pat’s nickname as many of you know is “PR Pat,” since he is routinely stepping up his game in the gym setting personal records left and right! Whether it’s double under jump ropes, muscle-ups, or a new skill, PR Pat puts the required work into improving his form and practicing fundamental drills in order to keep checking PR’s off the list.

Pat’s support for the gym is also appreciated. He tells friends outside the gym about how great we are as a gym and treats everyone in the gym as a friend. For the Yeti Cave Christmas party, since Pat works at Anheuser-Busch, he supplied enough beer for the party that would’ve had an entire Army Battalion feeling a little more than typsy 😉

Pat lived out the mottos “Win the Week,” and “Move More, Live More.” I’ve seen him get to the gym many times after working back to back night-shifts, putting a premium on his fitness, health and wellness. His consistency is admirable.

I hope you get to workout with Pat soon, be sure to congratulate him on being the “Member of the Month!”