June’s Member of the Month

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June’s Member of the Month

June’s Member of the month is Laura Veradt!

I wasn’t sure about this lady at first…She came in with a friend and seemed to begrudgingly get through the workouts. But she was STRONG and had great mobility from the start, catching onto the form of many movements quickly. I was never sure how she really felt about me or the gym for the first week or so. I remember being chastised for a picture I posted on the gym’s social media of her at some point early on…I generally don’t think too hard about the pictures I post and try to capture the cool moments of everyone in the gym…but man did I learn my lesson! We laugh about that post today 🙂

Eventually, I cracked the code of understanding Laura. She reminds me of a senior Army Non Commissioned Officer in terms of her temperament and sense of humor, not common around Fort Collins from what I’ve seen. Once I realized this, Laura’s presence and sense of humor have been a little breath of fresh air! She reminds me of the hilarious Army friends I had at Fort Bragg in the 82nd Airborne Division. It usually takes her a whole 30 seconds of walking in the gym now, until she has me laughing at whatever she says or does! It’s making me laugh typing this now as I think about the shenanigans with her!

Laura has made so much progress since she’s been here and is not afraid of new movements or ANY barbell. I’m sure many of you have seen her feriously flex and roar on top of a barbell after a lift, like a lioness over her fresh kill.

Perfect example was completing Memorial Day “Murph.” Laura was concerned initially (as many of us were) about being able to complete the workout. Staring down the barrel of two miles running, with 500 reps in the middle can be unnerving, but Laura knew to take it one step at a time, one rep at a time…turns out she finished the entire thing! Not only that but she came back to help others get through their remaining reps too (including coach Nate!). Turns out 300 air squats weren’t enough to stop Laura from squatting it out with those who needed a little help to finish or keep a certain pace!

She does all these things because she is embracing and enhancing the fun loving attitude we promote in the gym. I see her routinely cheering on others at the gym whether they are brand new or veterans of the gym. She is always trying to build the community as well. She always introduces herself to the new members and mingles with everyone.

Laura ATTACKs every workout in the gym with everything she has. She sets high expectations for herself but doesn’t let the result define her satisfaction. She is satisfied with her effort and is satisfied knowing she is making progress. As a very competitive person naturally, she does arguably the best job of anyone in the gym of not going overboard with it, remembering that each day’s workout is simply exercise in order to make life better outside the gym.

Laura does an outstanding job representing the Yeti Cave mottos “Win the Week,” and “Move More, Live More.” Be sure to congratulate her on being June’s Member of the Month!