March Member of the Month

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March Member of the Month

Congratulations to Ian Gordon for being the Yeti Cave CrossFit “Member of the Month” for March!

Ian is an Engineer (aka a “Firefighter” for us normal civilians) in Windsor, and has been an awesome member to have ever since joining the gym. He has a fantastic sense of humor and genuinely cares about helping and getting to know all the members he comes in contact with. You’ve probably seen this all-star on the Yeti Cave social media outlets, lifting massive weights and crushing workouts.

When fellow gym member, Amy, was interviewing for a full-time firefighting position in Wellington, Ian coordinated an entire mock-interview for her to practice at his Fire Station. Not only helping personally, but getting people from his Station to help out as well. Now, Amy HAS been hired to a full-time position at the Wellington Fire Department!


Ian is incredibly humble at the gym. As a result, he has set MASSIVE personal records on strength lifts in the gym and is getting “fitter” every day. Because he was willing to listen and learn, Ian set 40-50lb personal records on his deadlift and backsquat both within his first two weeks at the gym! Since joining he can be found setting additional personal records on bench press, clean and jerk, snatch and more!

Ian epitomizes the Yeti Cave mottos “Win the Week,” and “Move More, Live More.” He’s a go-getter in and out of the gym, staying fit and keeping us safe! Tell Ian thanks for his service and congratulations next time you see him!