May’s Member of the Month

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May’s Member of the Month

Maybe you know this month’s Member of the month because you saw him running around in exotic-colored man-tights. Or maybe you saw him doing pull ups in a T-rex costume. Maybe he jumped out from behind the gym’s front door and scared the sh*t out of you. Or most likely, you know him because he came an hour before his workout just to cheer you on, even though you didn’t know him well yet, let out a motivational yell before starting a workout with you, or because he stayed hours after his workout to cheer you on for your workout.

May’s Member of the month is Mike Ochs!

If you can believe it, it took a few months to get Mike into the Yeti Cave on a regular basis, he came to us from the bodybuilding fitness world which he still does on top of CrossFit. I’m not sure what initially made him as dedicated in the Yeti Cave as he is, but at this point it is his sincere love of all the people at our gym. And it shows.

Mike’s positivity is 100% contagious and no one is immune to it! Every day he gets to the gym, he brings a fun-loving, determined, motivated attitude with him, and he naturally shares that with everyone he comes into contact with. If he doesn’t know you, he makes a point to introduce himself and is genuinely interested in you and automatically cares about you, without knowing anything about you at first.

Mike is a weeeee-bit competitive as many of you know, and as many of you also are (which is a good thing!). Probably more impressive than any of Mike’s workout times is seeing him mature mentally in his approach to a CrossFit workout. Although he has a high ability level, he does well in setting aside his ego in order to get the movements right, which sometimes results in slower times or lighter lifts in the present but pays dividends in the long run. His hard work, patience and “coachability” has resulted in extremely fast progress and he is on a path to continue at an impressive rate in order to take his fitness level far as he cares to do.

Mike represents the Yeti Cave mottos “Win the Week,” and “Move More, Live More.” Tell him congrats on being May’s Member of the Month, chances are you’ll see him soon 🙂