Member of the Month for August 2017

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Member of the Month for August 2017

August’s Member of the month is Holly Darrah!

One day coach Bre invited her friend Morgan to try out the gym. Morgan being a stud-rugby player at CSU, was not intimidated by anything in the gym, and stepped into workouts in full stride. But she did not come alone…

Holly, Morgan’s friend, also came to try the gym that day, but she had never done CrossFit before. That did not sway Holly from jumping into the fire straight away! She signed up with Morgan and never looked back.

Holly is not our most eccentric or flamboyant member.  She is usually quiet, super nice, a little shy, and sweet (unless she is testing Morgan’s reflexes with a random high kick up and around Morgan’s head J). But this doesn’t keep her from attempting everything in class. She goes after the barbells with extreme focus and gives her best effort on everything. Because she listens so well she is making extremely fast progress, and even got her first rope climb ever last month!

What impressed and surprised me the most however was when Holly and Morgan came in one particular day. This time, Morgan was clearly not having an “A+” kinda day. She was sore, tired, lacking motivation, let’s call it an “A-“ kinda day 😉 . Turns out, that day Holly was the reason they were both in the gym! Morgan wanted to skip, but Holly was not having it, and made her friend join her for a fun fitness-filled hour at the gym! That’s what a good fitness accountability friend is there for. The whole time I would’ve expected Morgan to be dragging Holly into the gym, but here they were Holly leading the charge! I’m sure it goes both ways for Holly and Morgan in terms of who gets who through the gym doors each day, but I love the fact that they have each other to stay accountable.

Holly represents the Yeti Cave mottos “Win the Week,” and “Move More, Live More” well. Be sure to congratulate Her on being August’s Member of the Month!