Mountain Bike Coaches

Meet Your  Instructors

Jarrod Seitz

Hello, my name is Jarrod Seitz. I’m currently a freshman here at CSU studying tourism. One of my main motivations for coming to CSU was for the incredible mountain biking! I’m a Yeti Cave CrossFit coach and love teaching people about CrossFit and mountain biking. Love working with adults and kids alike who are willing to learn and give it their best effort!

I’ve been riding bikes for about 12 years now and I have raced for 2. I just ride to enjoy the sport as much as possible now and would love to share my passion and help others get into this amazing sport!

I would like to say I’m a pretty well rounded rider, From racing downhill to learning backflips and 360s with my buddies and riding BMX and motocross. Whatever you want to work on just let me know and we can focus in on that or if your just getting into the sport and want to learn the basics we can work on that!